2020, ESRA NESIPOGULLARI, 150 cm x 150 cm include paper documentation

All that researching process started with a found luggage in my art studio. The luggage was locked what made me curious the most! After I opened the luggage with my friends’ help, I was fascinated by the stuff that was inside. In a more poetic way to say, the curiosity cabinet was open to the public. Then I decided to convert those memories into an art installation that might help find the owners one day. 

The installation consists of three main components: the luggage, the basis (metal structure used for the cars), and the documents. There are two types of documents: official documents mainly related to Signor Castelli’s work and personal documents related to his family member. Touching someone’s intimate memories, even just by coincidence, makes me feel very close to them. It also gives every viewer a chance to invent their own narratives about Signor Castelli and his family members.