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5 ways to elevate your art career

Let’s talk about safe and hype political topics in the art world which are almost necessary to be involved. I will approach a few things I am observing for a while in my usual semi-sarcastic tone. The art deals with ecologic problems, girl-power art, and LGBTQ plus friendly art: those types of artivism, without showing up as an activist but just showing some support, is the safest way to look like a fully aware artist. Nothing wrong with wanting to look like an aware person by the way.  The sneakiness of the problem is consciously skipping the political dynamics behind all the problems but using these sensitivities to create an image as an artist.  Because sensitivity sells.  Again nothing wrong with selling art. Am I contradicting myself? Just a bit. I found it sneaky to use political sensitivities to leverage the market or basically create some selling point. But I am fine with marketing the art by the artists.

1. Utilize international days

Be present for special days like “world clean water day”, “8 of march” (do not mention female labor exploitation), “international girls day”, “international panda day” and “international theatre day”.  Stay away from the “1st of May” or any celebration of independence from the apartheid regime. They seem just too irrelevant and unconsumable.

2. Hit two birds with one stone

Also, you can take advantage of one special day to show more than one sensibility. For example, you can celebrate a gay actor’s international cinema day.

3. Add some sensitive touch to your art

You can add some purple, rainbow, or green into your art to express your sensitivity. Stay away from red. It looks too irrelevant and unconsumable.

4. Complain smartly

Complain like a creative genius. Complain in a very generic tone like “omg I cannot believe we have to fight for .. in 21st century”, “omg of course black lives matters what were you thinking??” “women can do anything!!”.  Try to seem like you are always shocked because you are too sensitive you cannot believe how people cannot be social justice defenders.

5. Pretend like the world is missing just a bit of democracy

Think social justice in the apolitical context. Always demand a “better life for all“ vaguely. Do not specify the current economic and political problems. Forget about agents of production is belong to a small portion of the people in the world. Ask for small favors.


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