institutional critique and freedom of artistic expression

Attention! this is a very serious statement.

I do not want to stand by capital and power.

I want a decent life.

I want to stay true to my fancy words about “institutional critic”.

My art is not a big deal, it doesn’t represent an incredible synthesis of thoughts and emotions.

I will continue to produce.

I like to see people enjoying my art.

I am uploading the images of my art on my website in high resolution.

So anyone can download and print it.

It doesn’t make any difference to see my art in real or on the printed paper.

I suggest printing on high-quality paper though.

Plus if collectors, art buyers or art lovers want to support me, I encourage them to buy original works or limited edition prints which I do sign by my right hand.

I worked on my signature and it does really worth the price.

I also stamp some fancy things on the back of the original works and prints.

I work as an architect to protect my financial independence.

If I make more money I might quit.

Because architecture is too tiring sometimes.

I do only direct sales.

I am friendly and easygoing.

99% you won’t have any problems with the sale and the shipping process.

If there is a problem, I would love to offer extra stuff and fix the inconvenience and I apologize minimum two maximum five times.

Again, any of these are no big deal.

In the end, it is all about what I want and what I like, and what I love.

And I would love to share my thought processes, my world, and my values with anyone and everyone.